Benefits Of Muscular Fitness, The Key To Longevity

Increase your metabolism and improve strength through functional exercise

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Theresa Wells
Theresa Wells

Theresa Wells, a native San Diegan, has a great passion for helping others. She is an alternative healing, holistic health and whole person approach advocate in the health and fitness industry. She does not believe in cookie cutter, quick fix gimmicks and is highly vocal about it. She is an effective results producing leader.

She is a former Secondary School Counselor who resigned in January of 2022; in order to work alongside those who have made the decision to commit to leading a successfully fit life. This passion of fitness and combination of a counseling background, allows her to understand and empathize with those who struggle with the social emotional issues that are deeply rooted in most individuals ability to become psychologically fit; in order to become physically fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Theresa Wells is the owner of Tone At Home Fitness, an in-home personal concierge support that also provides online health and wellness programs. She is also the creator of Build A Better You! Fitness & Nutrtion Program. Focusing integrative health and wellness. She s a Certificated Boot Camp Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Distance Running Coach and a PNL1-Nutrition Coach. Her programs are designed for men and women who were formally fit but now seeking to get back to living successfully fit lives. This includes integrative fitness and nutrition programs for those who haven’t quite been able to get back to their peak athletic performance because of lingering COVID-19 symptoms or other illness that may have caused or triggered dormant health issues.

Over the past 2 years numerous families have been hit with stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. Whether from divorce, isolation, stress from work or relationships. People want to feel relief, lose weight, look better and want to get back to living. Living healthy and disease free. This is the support Tone At Home Fitness Family members receive.

She is one who engages actively, openly with integrity, making sure she is accessible to her Tone At Home Fitness Family members.

Through her Build A Better You!Fitness & Nutrition Program, she educates men and women on what self care means and looks like, the importance of nutrition and exercise. She makes sure that everyone who comes to her for help understands that they are deserving of and have the right to a quality life. A quality life made possible with access to quality health resources. Especially when the health care system in general has been failing the majority of populations.

Professional affiliations: Athletics & Fitness Association of America, (AAFA), National Association of Sports Medicine, (NASM), Zumba LLC., BlackGirlsRun!San Diego Chapter, National Black Marathoners Association, Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics, Fitness Business Network, Fitness and Health Professionals and Hera Hub of Temecula, CA

Awards & Accolades: 2007 awarded the Urban League's Urban Leader In Education Award. Received the 2018 Outstanding African American Educators Award. Awarded as Top Female Runner at the First Annual Urban 5K Run/Walk 2012 where she placed third in her division. March 2022 completed the Goggins Challenge. Running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours (4X4X48). June 2022 took second place in her division, at the Marine Corp. MCCS Miramar Over The Flight Line Inaugural 5K.

From 2012-2022 she has earned several medals and awards from races she has ran and has beaten all of her previous times in 5K,13.1 and 26.2 racing events. Theresa Wells is definitely making strides in fitness.

Featured Publications: Featured twice in San Diego Voyager online magazine. Minority Women Marathoner’s Alliance Magazine, Professional Women’s Networking Association, LLC, Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast (February 2017 & March 2022) and most recently interviewed with San Diego Voyager for their new initiative, Canvas Rebel. Highlighting small business owner creatives.

Articles and interviews:

6 Weeks To Fitness 2022-Build A Better You! Fitness & Nutrition Program

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  Benefits Of Muscular Fitness, The Key To Longevity
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When does the course start and finish?
This course begins the day you open it and ends 2 weeks after the day you opened it up and began to take the course. It's only an hour long course. Don't forget to download your free gift. It's included in the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have 2 weeks to complete this course. It will not take you that long. You can actually finish this course in an hour. But I know we all have busy lives and hey, life happens. Don't' forget to download your free gift. It's included in the course.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you're unhappy with the course, let me know. I want to hear form you. I want to know what you think can be improved. Your opinion matters. This course is FREE. Just reach out to me and let me know what you liked and what you didn't like. Even though I cannot respond to every email, I will read them. I am here to help you be successful on your fitness journey. The feedback you give me will be used to make improvements. You do get a free downloadable gift with your free course.

While I understand that your focus is on family, life getting in the way, time and fiscal responsibility, I hope that you will take time to keep your health and wellness in mind, as well.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not a topic that should be put on the back burner, the time to plan is now. Proper fitness and nutrition at this point in your life can greatly affect your health and wellbeing in a positive way.

I specialize in personal training, nutrition coaching and writing training programs for those ready to improve their quality of life through exercise and proper nutrition planning. I design fitness and nutrition programs and teach courses that give all you need, to prepare for and continue living a healthy lifestyle.The programs designed for you are based on your personal fitness and nutrition goals. They are inclusive of personal training designed around your daily activity, your health needs, your personal fitness goals and your success. This gives you a true picture of how energetic, healthy, happy and fit your future can be. You can be prepared to remain living an active life.

Have you considered the following?

How is my current health? How can I improve my health? How is my current health benefiting my life now? Will this affect my mobility in the future? Will I have the strength to keep up with the life challenges of work, family, social activities? Will I be able to prevent developing metabolic diseases like diabetes? Or Cardiovascular disease?

Learn how to do workouts based on your daily activity. Learn how to meal prep based on your dietary needs. Learn what foods benefit recovery from exercise, reduce swelling in joints, power your workouts and improve gut health.

As the owner of Fit For Life, an online school and learning platform and Tone At Home Fitness, a mobile fitness and in-home personal training service; I would like to offer my concierge fitness service programs to you. In your all in one online school Fit For Life.

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